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Pankhurst Blog

Pankhurst Blog

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10 reasons to go bespoke: A bespoke shirt is the gift that keeps on giving

• A bespoke shirt will actually fit you

• A bespoke shirt can be crafted to fit your unique lifestyle, fabrics that suit your climate, and cuts complimentary to physical activity, even how you sit or stand

• Tailors know what looks good, and more importantly what will suit you

• If you don’t know what you want, your tailor will have a font of sartorial knowledge to help you choose

• If looked after properly a bespoke shirt can last 10 years or more

• Just because a shirt is from a good label, it doesn’t mean it will fit properly

• A bespoke shirt makes a statement

• When you go bespoke, you become a walking advertisement for your tailor, he wants you to look the best possible

• It should be the most comfortable piece of clothing you own and if you are wearing it in the office all day this is very important

• Clothes that don’t fit often end up wearing you. Wearing bespoke pieces gives you confidence and you may achieve more