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Grooming Advice

Hair Icons

Samuel Beckett

There are two great taboos when it comes to men’s hair – the first is going bald, the other is going grey. Ask any bald man, however, and he’ll tell you that grey hair is a blessing. The trick is to own it: go silver with style and impact.

Steve McQueen

The ultimate, benchmark look. Steve McQueen had many important styles but, his appearance in The Getaway was perhaps his most iconic – and his hair was key to that. Short, sharp and cut beautifully to the shape of his head.

Serge Gainsbourg

The benchmark look, Serge Gainsbourg’s cut in the ‘60s was immaculate. Sharp, inspirational and without a single hair out of place, it completed his head-to-toe elegance.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke’s look as the retiring biker-gang leader in Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumble Fish redefined what it was to be a rebel. A chewed-up crop, chopped very tightly to give him a rugged and immaculately cool cut that he wore nonchalantly.

Bryan Ferry

The Roxy Music singer’s haircut in 1972 was the epitome of enduring style. Long, layered and with an extremely sharp outline, he wore it tousled and floppy to make him the essence of a glam, soul boy.

Montgomery Clift

The most beautiful, faultless short back and sides in history. A look that suits anyone, it’s a cut that hasn’t aged since he wore it in the ‘50s and one that never will.

Alain Delon

It’s a classic, well-cut, side-parted, graduated haircut. It’s all about sleek lines and elegance. Bryan Ferry is another who wears it well.

Vincent Gallo

The longest a man’s hair should get – Vincent Gallo’s hair has a freedom and length to it that sets off his features, without overtaking them.

Chet Baker

The ultimate quiff, Chet Baker wore it well. kept short and neat around the back and sides, with enough length on top to give the right hight to the quiff.

Paul Simonon

The coolest person in rock ‘n’ roll. Tall, lean and the perfect shape for a rock star, he made the bass look heroic. The quiff he wore in 1981 – short and spiky on top, longer and slicked back through the sides – made him look the definitive angry young man.