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It’s 1975, Zeppelin fans causing havoc in Boston Gardens, The Rolling Stones introduce their new guitarist Ronnie Wood, and their upcoming North American tour, by performing Brown Sugar on the back of a flatbed truck in NYC. Across the pond a truly influential album to British Rock is born. Dr Feelgood a British pub rock outfit release their debut album “Down By The Jetty” a sound which would go on to influence the emergence of punk rock, and many artists from The Jam to Blondie, and the Ramones.


Dr Feelgood’s sound was routed in rhythm and blues, Wilko Johnson provided jagged percussive guitar, interlaced with blues licks and solos, this and Lee Brilleaux’s nicotine growl and harmonica work gave the group its iconic sound. “Down By The Jetty” shows Feelgood at their rawest and is often argued to be their greatest album, it shows off their great talent and energy from start to finish. Our favourite track from the album is the opening title “she does it right” with a riff that is unmistakably Wilko’s handy work.


Get ready for the weekend; treat your self to a whiskey, a style up, and a piece of British rock history.