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Wash, towel–dry, then use a touch of moulding cream to style. Wear it side–parted or combed straight back, but don’t use too much product as this is a style where the haircut itself is the star.

Ask for a classic short, back and sides.

It’s timeless, so will suit almost anyone. Classic, classic, classic: it will never date. It was modern in the 1950s and it still looks modern today.

Natural, neat and unreservedly classic, it’s the definitive haircut whether he wore it side–parted or slicked back. He was blessed with a great head of hair, so could pull off simplicity flawlessly. But he also had incredible attitude, so exuded confidence.

Use a huge amount of moulding cream and defining gel to keep the quiff sharp, slicked and defined.

Ask for your hair to be cut very short and close around the back and sides, left longer on top but chopped into.

It’s a cut that requires a good, thick head of hair. It’s a young look, but one which can work on anyone from a biker to a banker – as long as it’s worn with confidence. Lean, angular or rugged faces tend to suit a quiff best.

Why it works: Chet Baker’s flawless quiff – cut short into the sides, but impeccably groomed on top – defined his rugged face to create the ultimate greaser look.

Towel it dry, then use defining gel to keep it neat but still floppy and tousled.

Ask for a layered haircut around the back and sides with some length on it. Make sure it’s kept very sharp around the outline.