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The most important thing with this look is to wear styling conditioner to keep your hair healthy. Wash it twice a week with a small amount of shampoo, but rinse your hair everyday. Towel-dry it, then add the styling conditioner. If you want to slick it back, put slightly more product in.

Be very careful. Long hair can scare some barbers and, no matter what you ask for, some of the more traditional barbers may panic and give you a short, back and sides regardless. Find a barber who has cut long hair before, and who understands contemporary looks.

Great with jeans and t-shirt and it works with a suit, too, as long as the hair is kept in great condition. Most importantly, you must have the confidence to carry it off.

There’s texture to the hair and it’s been cut into a good shape, which allows it to frame his face and set off his look perfectly.