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Alain Delon / Le Samourai

The look

It’s a classic, well-cut, side-parted, graduated haircut.

It’s all about sleek lines and elegance. Bryan Ferry is another who wears it well.

Why it works

Delon’s sharp, handsome face is accented by having his hair is cut very square through the sides.

Who it suits

It’s a classic look, it’s very modern Savile Row.

It looks great with a one- or two-button suit, a crisp white shirt, a simple tie and beautiful watch.

Put a Mac on, and it’s complete.

How to ask for it

Ask for a graduated, side-parted cut to be left slightly longer over the ears so the hair sits back nicely into the back of the neck.

How to look after it

Shampoo every other day. Then, for everyday use, towel-dry it almost completely then use some leave-in conditioner to style.

If you’re going out, though, towel-dry, add leave-in conditioner, then use a tiny amount of moulding cream to make it a little more malleable.

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