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Paul Simonon / The Clash

The look

The coolest person in rock ‘n’ roll. Tall, lean and the perfect shape for a rock star, he made the bass look heroic.

The quiff he wore in 1981 – short and spiky on top, longer and slicked back through the sides – made him look the definitive angry young man.

Why it works

The tough Teddy Boy look works because of his face shape and the clothes he wore.

Angular and lean, he wore tight jeans and t-shirt. Equally, though, the look would have worked perfectly in a smart Nick Tentis suit.

Who it suits

You need to be tall, lean, and angular with a defined jawline and good bone structure in your face.

It tends to work best with straight hair.

It’s a young man’s haircut, so avoid it past 30.

Most importantly, you need to have the confidence to inhabit the look – and only a few can carry that off.

How to ask for it

Cut your hair slightly shorter on top and longer on the sides, so you can grease it back.

Ask for a 50s-style, Teddy Boy quiff but ask for it to be chopped into on top.

How to look after it

Use a lot of products.

If it’s short, then use moulding cream; when longer use lots of defining gel which has got seaweed extracts and which gives a malleable, thick feel to hair.

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