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Steve McQueen / The Getaway

The look

The ultimate, benchmark look.

Steve McQueen has had many important styles but, his appearance in The Getaway was perhaps his most iconic – and his hair was key to that.

Short, sharp and cut beautifully to the shape of his head, it’s the perfect worn haircut.

Why it works

The cut creates that square look that is so important for hair, which is assisted by his great hairline sweeping across his face.

There’s a slight wave to his hair which gives further shape.

McQueen understood and knew the look suited him so, instead of changing his style, he played with its length rather than its style.

Hence it was long (Le Mans), mid-length (Bullit or The Thomas Crowne Affair) but, most iconic was when it was short: The Getaway.

Who it suits

When you reach 30, you should know your look.

And this is a classic look, meaning it’s a haircut that will suit most people.

It works particularly well for people with a slight wave to their hair.

How to ask for it

It’s a good, technical haircut, cut a little shorter at the parting before being layered through.

But you don’t need to ask for that: just ask for a Steve McQueen.

If your barber doesn’t know what a Steve McQueen is, get out of the chair and leave the shop immediately.

How to look after it

Wash it in the morning, towel-dry it, then use a 5p-sized amount of moulding cream.

Rub the cream into the palms of your hand (not fingertips), then rub that backwards and forwards through the hair before pushing the front of your hair across to one side.

See the look

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