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"It has been 8 years of seeing Brent for my hair, and the products have been integral to my everyday routines for that long too. If the grass were greener on the other side, at the very least it wouldn't be as well groomed"

Tom Chamberlain - Editor, The Rake


"When travelling, a Pankhurst product is as essential as your Apple charger.
Never leave home without it."

George Cleverley Jr - CEO, George Cleverley Shoes


"I use Pankhurst products because I'm worth it!"

Nick Foulkes - Contributing Editor, FT How To Spend & Vanity Fair


"Pankhurst London products not only work beautifully, they also look as good on the bathroom countertop as they do on your hair."

Christian Barker - Editor-at-Large, The Rake


"I've been using Pankhurst products for years. The Styling Conditioner is particularly good. The scent of bay rum and lime is classic and masculine."

Toby Bateman - Director, MR PORTER