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About Pankhurst London Products

The GQ Award-winning Pankhurst London product range was personally designed by Brent Pankhurst to an exacting set of criteria: to be unique, luxurious and highly effective. Dismayed by the quality of men’s grooming products on shop shelves, Brent formulated his own exclusive range for use within his shop. Impressed by the quality and performance, clients urged him to make the products available for purchase.

Infused with our classic bay rum barbershop scent, spiced with exotic lime, and presented in stylish black aluminium containers, our range has a product to suit every hair type. Lock short hair into classic styles with our Moulding Cream, slick it back with our Pomade, tame curly hair with our Defining Serum and give long hair all day nourishment and control with our excellent Styling Conditioner.

Our shampoos, a favourite on Mr Porter, are similarly masculine, stylish and targeted: our Silver Fox shampoo makes grey, white, and salt-and-pepper hair shimmer, our Scalp Care Shampoo moisturises and our Thickening Shampoo helps the appearance of thinning locks. Our best-selling Head to Toe Shampoo is the epitome of our style: an all-in-one hair and body wash infused with our addictive signature scent.

All of our products, including the heavy duty shaving brushes, razors, our luxurious Shaving Cream and Aftershave Ice Gel, were devised by Brent Pankhurst, one of Britain’s leading barbers and style advisors for 25 years. “It is important for me to know what I’m getting when I buy a product,” he says. “I want to know how it should be used. My range is simple but luxurious, aspirational but accessible. It says what it does, and it does it well.


– Charles Bukowski